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"Heavy rock at its best - erb magazine"

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Unknown Refuge are an energetic and accomplished young band from Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK. Establishing a name for themselves during the pandemic with an astonishing debut album, the band are now performing at festivals and venues across the country supporting the likes of Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, Chuggaboom and Asleep At The Helm, and appearing on bills with Skindred, Airbourne, Glenn Hughes, The Hunna, Inglorious and Florence Black to name a few.

Their energetic live performances are gaining them new fans and regular radio play is opening up a whole new audience to this alt metal/hard rock band.

“There’s something in the metaphorical waters across at stage two….the Love Rocks team pull out yet another giant sized opening rabbit for us to salivate over in the form Bolton based Unknown Refuge. These instantly likeable lads set about tearing into Love Rocks with the gusto of a long-famished beast setting about the much-awaited kill…this total freight train captivates. Put simply this is one of the best young bands I’ve seen on the circuit” (Metalplanet Music – Review: Loverocks Day 3 – 25th June 2022)

Formed early in 2016 Alex Mancini singer and bassist (then aged 15) began his song writing journey, whilst the band honed their musical style and repertoire. Invitations to perform at events such as the ‘Total Rock Radio Friday Night Rockshow’ at the inaugural StoneDeaf Festival gave them the drive to work hard and pursue their musical ambitions.

Stevie J at MMH Radio says: “I can tell you this is a breath of fresh air.”

Unknown Refuges’s debut album, ‘From The Darkness’, was reviewed in ERB Magazine Issue 2 (December 2020), with Bob Freeman stating:  “Driving drums, roaring riffs … Full power, no holding back, heading straight for the target-your ears!… Unknown Refuge have announced their arrival on the rock scene!… Heavy rock at its best. A stunning album!”

Unknown Refuge is:

Alex Mancini – Vocals/bass
Jack Tracey – Lead guitar/backing vocals
Connor Byrne
- Drums

Liam Kelly – Rhythm guitar

© Unknown Refuge 2024

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